Monday, June 29, 2009

Divi + Wedding Fair = Spa

Last saturday we've decided to go to divi to buy the materials for our wedding invites. Since I've always wanted to use bamboos for our invites..we thought that we should first check out in DV if they are selling bamboos that has been cut already.

We arrived in DV at around 8am..parking was already hard by the way. We started walking towards Tabora St. where the haven of all wedding materials can be found. We found 2 stalls selling invitation holders made of bamboos. We were able to bargain the bamboos for Php4 each bamboo as long as we buy our other materials from them. I guess that's the only problem, we said yes too soon only to find out that we could have saved more if we just bought the bamboo since they were giving it for Php7 each if we don't buy our materials from them

The moral lesson..canvass..canvass...canvass!! Although we still saved a lot by buying our materials there..we could have saved around 1k more..anyway, our bamboos ended up to Php 12 each..including the materials. The stall where we bought our bamboos even taught us how to make the ribbon and gave us 2 samples...

This was the first sample they made

We liked this sample better..simple..but elegant..

Having a lot of time saved, we were still able to buy some materials for our misalette and some clothes for me!!

Next stop..Themes n motifs fair in PICC. Our agenda: book our bridal car and find a musician. So we went straight to Don Robert's booth and booked our 1932 Studebaker!! Nice!!

After a very very long and tiring day.. we decided to reward our selves with a massage!! We passed by Blue Lotus Foot & Spa in Macapagal just in front of PNB Bldg and beside the seaside resto..from the outside it looks expensive. Before we entered we set our budget to 2000 max. So we were surprised that their rates were so affordable. We tried their foot + body massage which was only 1000...that's good for 2! Yep..all their rates are good for 2. But no worries though if you're alone, they will just charge you half of their rate. The massage was good for 80 mins..although it seems like we were there for almost 2 hours since we took a shower first.

They have other services.. their foot + body massage good for 90mins was was foot + body massage good for 2 hrs which is 1500 and they also have foot + massage + scrub good for 2 hrs which is only 2000.

It was such a relaxing massage..a good way to cap of our tiring day....

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