Monday, June 29, 2009

Divi + Wedding Fair = Spa

Last saturday we've decided to go to divi to buy the materials for our wedding invites. Since I've always wanted to use bamboos for our invites..we thought that we should first check out in DV if they are selling bamboos that has been cut already.

We arrived in DV at around 8am..parking was already hard by the way. We started walking towards Tabora St. where the haven of all wedding materials can be found. We found 2 stalls selling invitation holders made of bamboos. We were able to bargain the bamboos for Php4 each bamboo as long as we buy our other materials from them. I guess that's the only problem, we said yes too soon only to find out that we could have saved more if we just bought the bamboo since they were giving it for Php7 each if we don't buy our materials from them

The moral lesson..canvass..canvass...canvass!! Although we still saved a lot by buying our materials there..we could have saved around 1k more..anyway, our bamboos ended up to Php 12 each..including the materials. The stall where we bought our bamboos even taught us how to make the ribbon and gave us 2 samples...

This was the first sample they made

We liked this sample better..simple..but elegant..

Having a lot of time saved, we were still able to buy some materials for our misalette and some clothes for me!!

Next stop..Themes n motifs fair in PICC. Our agenda: book our bridal car and find a musician. So we went straight to Don Robert's booth and booked our 1932 Studebaker!! Nice!!

After a very very long and tiring day.. we decided to reward our selves with a massage!! We passed by Blue Lotus Foot & Spa in Macapagal just in front of PNB Bldg and beside the seaside resto..from the outside it looks expensive. Before we entered we set our budget to 2000 max. So we were surprised that their rates were so affordable. We tried their foot + body massage which was only 1000...that's good for 2! Yep..all their rates are good for 2. But no worries though if you're alone, they will just charge you half of their rate. The massage was good for 80 mins..although it seems like we were there for almost 2 hours since we took a shower first.

They have other services.. their foot + body massage good for 90mins was was foot + body massage good for 2 hrs which is 1500 and they also have foot + massage + scrub good for 2 hrs which is only 2000.

It was such a relaxing massage..a good way to cap of our tiring day....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Symbol of Love

I just want to share our beautiful wedding rings from Goldenhills... I wanted our ring to be special since we are going to wear it for the rest of our lives..and when I saw this ring I knew I need to have it..
I first saw the rings during the wedding fair at Trinoma..I said to Louie that we wouldn't rush into anything. We were set to go to another fair in Megamall and if I see the rings there then I'm going to buy it.
Then when we arrived in Megamall we first looked at the stall of Goldenhills. Sad to say, the ring was not there. I guess it's not for we moved on to look at the other stalls. We kept passing by goldenhills..and the staff at goldenhills keep on persuading me to buy the ring..
Well...we ended up buying the ring even if it wasn't there. The goldenhills staff had to make a call to their trinoma branch to ask the details of the ring.
We're going to remove the diamonds on Louie's ring..but of course I'll keep mine. We haven't thought of what we will engrave in them...any suggestions??

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pre-nup at The Greenery

I want everything to be finished before the big day. I want to be stress free during our day! So as early as May I want to finish our pre-nup. Well besides the fact that I want our pre-nup to be somewhere outdoor and come June or July I know the weather will be unpredictable. Anyway..after so many re-scheduling...we finally pushed through with our pre-nup last June 13 at The Greenery in Bulacan. This place is so beautiful that even if it was so far..Louie still gave in to my wish.. awwww...thank you!! Anyway, we just picked up Mart (our photographer from Funshots) and Carson (our friend who will be taking photos as well..for free!!).

We arrived around 2:30 I think..we payed the was 2500 for 4hours. I had to change clothes and put on my make-up fast because there will be a wedding at 4pm. We planned on taking pictures first near the main building so that when the wedding guests arrived, we can move on to our next location. So here's a sample of our pre-nup pictures taken by our friend Carson...for more pictures visit his multiply account. The link is under Carson's site in Our angels tab. Pictures from Mart will just have to follow, I haven't copied it yet.

This was the first shot taken. We still did not know how to pose!!

I loved this train!! It's super cute!!

Would you believe that's a restroom behind us??

Welcome to our home!!
I love this shot!
We caught the moon!!!
Thanks carson!! You're the best!!

church requirements

Part of the requirements for a church wedding is the baptismal certificate and confirmation certificate indicating "for marriage purposes only". For Manila Cathedral, this has to be submitted 6 months before the wedding day. So we were asked to submit it by end of May or first week of June. I was baptized in our parish so it wasn't hard to get a baptismal certificate. It costs around 50 I think.

For the confirmation, good thing one of my high school friends got married last April and we were both baptized in our school. We both weren't able to get our confirmation certificate back then so we don't have proof that we were confirmed. But my friend said that I can get my certificate even if I don't show them the old certificate, they just need my name and what year I was confirmed. So I went to St. Anthony in Singalong, Manila (St. Scho forwards all confirmation certificates to this parish) to get my certificate. I went in the office, gave my name and year that I was confirmed..after 10mins..voila!! I have my certificate..and it only costs 30!

And now it's Louie's turn. While I went inside St. Anthony, Louie waited in the car. Then we went to get his confirmation certificate. I called San Beda a day before and they said that all confirmation certificates of Bedans are being forwarded to St. Jude. So we went straight to St. Jude. Since Louie does not remember what year he was confirmed (he said approximately 1995 or 1996) we were asked to find his name from a list of students. So we browsed the list.. sign of his name..1994..1997..1998..1999...2000..wait! I saw a Leyte (Louie's surname)..unfortunately, it was his brother. We checked..and checked..and checked. Still no sign. So we asked the office if this is the only list. Yes it was. One of the ladies inside the office said that it could have been forwarded to San Miguel or San Beda might have not forwarded it to them at all. We looked for the names of his batchmates, and some names were missing. So we thought of going to San Miguel to ask.

We asked the lady inside the office of San Miguel if she can check if Louie's name is in their list. Since it was 1995 or 1996, she said she had to dig up their files and there was no one there to help her. She asked us to leave the details and then just call back.

Oh no luck for Louie's was just 11:15 there's still time to get his baptismal certificate..since it was just in Sacred Heart in Sta. Mesa..11:30 we reach the church. Lunch break was we are in luck. We rush to the office....and was locked!! I look through the window and there are people inside the office! I looked at my watch it was still 11:40..I knocked..and knocked..and knocked. Until Louie gave up and said we just have to get it another time.

The following week, we called San Miguel to ask if she found it. And guess what?? She said that all confirmation certificates of Bedans are forwarded to St. Jude!!
So the following friday, Louie got his baptismal certificate and passed by the Abbey to ask about his confirmation certificate. They said that they will look for his name and just issue the certificate themselves and just text Louie when they find it. Good job!! So we just have to wait.. and so we waited..and waited. Meanwhile, the Cathedral is asking for his confirmation certificate. So we had to ask them to give us more time.

When we called the Abbey, the certificate is ready for pick-up. So we rush to get the certificate last friday..only to find out there was still no signature! Father Bede is out at that time and is to return at 5pm..and it was just 10am!! So we said we will just get it tomorrow. Saturday morning we asked if the certificate is ready..and thank God it was!!

So after all the hard work, we got Louie's confirmation certificate and submitted it right away. Thank God we're one step closer to our big day!

Canonical Interview and Pre-cana seminar at Manila Cathedral

We were scheduled to have our canonical interview last June3. Louie and I were panicking over what the questions are going to be. As if the priest will not marry us if we get a wrong answer. So on our way to the church, I was reading about catechism. When we got there, we were the 2nd couple. The first couple were already civil wed in Italy I think. The groom was a foreigner and the bride was Filipina. So around 830 I think, the bride was called inside. And the groom was called next by 9am. I was thinking, 30mins per person...that's a lot of questions!! But after 10mins, the bride was called back inside to join her husband. And then another 10mins they were done.

I was then called time to ask the other couple. I entered the room using my extra sweet voice. I'm really bad with names so I think it was Msgr. Bautista who interviewed us.He was a bit old and he speaks in a super low voice so most of the time I had a hard time hearing what he was saying. He is usually the one conducting the canonical interview. Going back, I went in, he asked me to put my right hand on the bible and swear that everything I say will be the truth. And then he asked me to sit in front of him. He was holding the questionnaire that I filled up during the orientation.

Here's a list of what he asked:
-When and where were you confirmed?
-Do you know the stand of the church regarding family planning? (He then explained regarding the natural family planning)
-There's a part in the questionnaire wherein you will be asked if you are still going to marry your partner if you find out he/she is gay, he/she has a child, he/she is married and he/she is a drug addict/alcoholic/abuser. Father asked me regarding my answers to this questions. (Turns out Louie and I have the same answer that's why he joked that we copied from each other.) He explained regarding the church's stand on gays/lesbians.
-What was your biggest fight about?
-What don't you like about your husband to be?
-Where will you live?
-How many kids do you plan to have?

After around 10mins, I was already finished. Then Louie was called in next. Then another 10mins after, I was asked to join him. He again explained how natural family planning works. He also explained how trust is important. And then he explained to us the most important part of the wedding rites, which is the marriage vows. We recited the vows that we are going to say on our wedding day. It gave me the chills and I feel like we were being wed right then and there. He wished us luck and then were off.

The pre-cana seminar was scheduled that saturday, June 6. Tita Ofel gave the seminar. There were around 8 other couples, 2 of which were already civil wed. She gave us a brief background of her married life. What happened during the first years of her marriage. She explained to us the importance of Love, Trust, Honesty, Respect, Loyalty. One of the couples were even asked to demo the wedding rites (wedding rings). It was fun because it was like a casual discussion with my mom. Just giving a friendly advice of what to expect on married life.

Monday, June 22, 2009


We don't have a monogram.. I gues we don't want to. It won't look good since our initials are L-J-L? Or J-L-L? But of course we still have 5 more months to go, so there's enough time to make one. Come to think of it, where will we put it? We won't be using envelopes for our invites.

Anyway, we have something else in mind. Since Angels and Demons has made popular the ambigram, we also have one for ourself. Louie has made this one I think during our first year. We are thinking of putting it in our table numbers.

You can turn it upside down and it will still say Louie and Joyce...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gown inspiration

I've searched hundreds of sites to look for my wedding gown. I've always known that I wanted a tube top,
with a ballgown skirt. But finding the right one was the tricky part. And then I stumbled on this....

I knew that I wanted that gown right away..but I had to find another gown because this gown was a bit
expensive and if the seamstress is not used to making this kind of gown (puffy skirt) it wouldn't turn out right.

So I searched..again and again..and then I found it..more simple..but still beautiful..and more easier to make.

I'll just be changing the top to a tube top..and the back won't be as revealing as that in the picture.
I really love the lace peeping at the bottom!!

Here's the gown for my maid of honor and matron of honor..

Our motiff is green and gold.. so for the gown it will be like moss green and the sash will be gold.

For the secondary sponsors, I've just changed it a little..but still the gown will be green and the sash will be gold.

And of course for our little angels.. a white dress with green and gold sash with little beads...

Countdown to Louie and Joyce's Big Day